anyone seen any good tv shows recently?



  • Orphan Black. season just ended recently but i'm sure it can be found someplace...
  • ^I loved it but...thought it was done?
  • just the season, BW...think i heard in a youtube vid that they've signed at least two more seasons. tatiana maslany leaves me wishing i was young and talented and a few other show :)
  • i feel so unvalidated because you guys aren't watching this show! haha...

  • i need to make a list and start torrenting, i think :D
  • just the season, BW...think i heard in a youtube vid that they've signed at least two more seasons. tatiana maslany leaves me wishing i was young and talented and a few other show :)
    She is isn't she. Not seen her in anything else though and was quite impressed by how versatile she was.
    Plus fit as fook!!!!

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    Quite enjoying Turn.
    "Follows New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America's fight for independence."

    Much more interesting than it sounds. If you like complex characters and long story arcs then give it a twirl.
  • guys? guys! watch mr. robot, it's fucking great :)
  • guys? guys! watch mr. robot, it's fucking great :)
    OOOooo...the one with the jail breakout and the guy said "she's been with you all day" yeah chopped up in the boot of the car OMG!!!! I was not expecting that.

    Recently loving "Power." On series 2 episode 10...nice twists, good stories, ruthless, lots of naked flesh, realistic humpy bumpy, in all worth a shot.
  • Yes, The Strain is excellent! I second Mr Robot - such a great show! Plus much other stuff to must to list.
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    i've been watching the strain and digging it am but i can't get past the creature features especially the neck vaginas
  • the creature features especially the neck vaginas

  • haha!


  • the idea of the little kids (clickers) are pretty cool but they look like midget clown school rejects.
  • Under the Dome - Cancelled by CBS - saw that coming...
  • ah, i watched a little bit of that. i loathe when these guys cancel great shows, because by the looks of it, they are more than happy to let complete shite linger on our screens for years...
  • Mr Robot...series 2 might be as good as the first few in series 1
  • Saw this fookin brilliant amazing flick:
    Big massive recommendation!
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    last man on earth was quite good, series 1 just finished in the uk (series 2 starting straight away, though - i guess it's already aired in america!).

  • watched episode 1 ("leaked", it was hehe) last night. loved it, yay :D
  • ^ looking forward to that. ep 2 is already out.

    new HBO show - The Night Of - is riveting after the just one episode. anything with John Turturo rules!

    and, Ballers season 2 starts this weekend. it's fun...
  • Binge watched Killjoys to catch up and Dark Matter started again.
    New episodes of Check it Out! Now too.
  • image

    This show is riveting. I'm hooked after that first episode, great acting, script and storyline.
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    oh, i think i'm about 5 deep with "the night of" so far, am enjoying it!

    mr. robot is kicking ass, still!

    just binged my way through 'stranger things', too, and can thoroughly recommend!

  • i can't stand mr robot. i wish they would just get on with telling the story...

    there is a new amazon series called "I Love Dick" with kevin bacon that is getting good reviews (just the pilot so far).

    Halt and Catch Fire season 3 just started!!!!!!!!!
  • I likes the show "Guess what really happened."
    Pretty intense varied script. Good solid acting.

    Many parts of UK call it either BBC News @ 10 or ITV News @ 10...similar but nicely varied to keep the viewer guessing"what really happened?!"
  • In no particular order:

    Spotless (Netflix)
    Les Revenants (Netflix)
    The Night Of (t'internet)
    And just started Gomorrah (t'internet with hard coded subs :/)

    All top notch.
  • The Night Of
    Vice Principals
  • Ballers is pretty good, too.

    I think High Maintenance is starting soon. It's lame that they took all the episodes off Youtube...

  • Am loving "Beauty and the Baker."

    ^Mesk...thanks for sharing "The Night Of..."
    Love it love it love it...but...huge "BUT?!"
    Don't wanna spoil it for those not watched up to episode 7 BUT BUT BUT e01 or e02 when forensics took sample from his privates because...considering the situation samples from there and not other obvious places was...WTF?!
    Yeah I know am "ocd" at times...but come on!

    Apart from that love it!

  • I've been wanting to check out Stranger Things and the Night of.
    Mr. Robot also peaked my interest.

    I'm currently watching Peaky Blinders, and while the first couple of episodes didn't grab me I am now in season 3 and hooked.

    Ballers is just funny.

    Still playing catch up on a lot of others, usually when I'm on the trainer.

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    Anyway, totally recommend those 3, for reals.
  • The Get Down on Netflix is fun! if you like rap and/or hip hop you will want to watch this.

  • or even if you want a little NYC history...
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    DSI Stella Gibson is back <3.

    If you haven't watched <a href="">The Fall yet, hurry up!

  • Old news to the English gits here, But I just found "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" On Netflix. Me loves it!

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    Westworld. Westworld is good.
  • Yes Mondo! Great start.
  • @mondo yes!!! have to watch last nite's episode. had to watch the football game and then i passed out. i'm much digging it. did you ever see the original. yul brynner was BAD ASS!!! :)
  • i couldn't stand Westworld. didn't even make it to the end. did we watch the same show?
  • it is a bit rapey.. but they're robots, innit!

    seriously, I do find it uncomfortable viewing at times, but it's still got me interested. It doesn't make much sense to me that they'd go to such lengths to cater to the worst possible desires of their guests, but perhaps there will be an explanation. I think having Anthony Hopkins in that role makes it easier to swallow the idea that depravity may be an unavoidable side effect of his clinical fascination with the human condition... I dunno. Ed Harris makes a good analogue for Yul Brynner.

    and thanks meska, for reminding me that series 3 of The Fall has started.. the only show that both mrs mondo and I manage to watch at the same time!
  • yes. ed harris is very good. i'm giving it a go. need something to tied me over til TWD starts back up. :)
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