anyone seen any good tv shows recently?

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i mean, community is about to finish, so i need something new to download and laugh at.

also, i started watching justified, liked it, but i can't remember how many episodes i've seen now heh


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    not necessarily new but Archer on FX is fucking hilarious!!!
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    ah yeah - i'd accidentally started watching series 1 of that, was quite funny indeed (and then i just stopped watching it, i see a pattern emerging, crunk!)
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    this last season was great! i found myself laughing out loud literally by myself. try and make it a point to catch this past season. :)
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    Fringe - Season 3
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    Big Bang Theory

    Funny as hell
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    parks and recreation is great. Modern Family? boardwalk empire? Breaking Bad season 3 wasn't too bad, better than 2 at any rate. Generation Kill?
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    modern family .......wooot!
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    I forgot about "Louis", that's a great show too.
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    The Killing


    Bored To Death (hilarious)

    Game of Thrones

    Camelot (Naff but good fun... and tits too)

    United States of Tara


    Just grabbed Modern Family...

    And can't wait for True Blood Season 4, Walking Dead Season 2, Breaking Bad Season 4...
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    Breaking Bad is probably the best series i've seen for a while, love that it has Malcolm (in the Middle)'s Dad in it, great actor!
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    ah yeah, united states of tara, you'd mentioned that one before, too.

    nice one, i'll try and catch a few of these. other than the ones that are naff but have tits - my time is precious.
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    Bored to death is awesome, very short though so find another too!
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    Just finished first season of Breaking Bad~ Great show!
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    It's really really good Orson.
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    in the middle of season two now, yeah its fucking fantastic
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    most series are best watched in a marathon though, i agree - if it's shit, it gets it over with quickly, and if it's good, you get it all at once. like not being able to put a good book down, innit.
  • not necessarily new but Archer on FX is fucking hilarious!!!
    i grabbed the first 2 episodes of season 4 recently, watched them last night. great suff :)
  • Avoid "The Spa." Pure torture.
    Kinda like "Nashville" so got me a few more episodes.
    Silent Witness and The Good Wife both brill.
    Suits iI find a bit hit and miss.
    News at Ten is also quite good :D
  • watched the first episode of Americans last week. haven't watched this weeks yet. jury is still out for me.
  • dudes, archer season 5 just started :!:

    also, i've finally started watching breaking bad (lol, seriously). i'm 5 episodes deep so far, and finding it funny. glad i waited till it ended before starting to watch it, now i can BBmarathon™ for a good few weeks :D
  • I've been in my cave for a while... BUT I am addicted to Spartacus Revenge...THE ORGIES OMG!!!! :D
  • For a minute then chris I thought, WTF chris and the Archers no way... :D

  • you'd be right with that!

    tbh, i actually tried it on for a little while, a few years back. really didn't suit me though, i don't think.

    (it's basically yet another fucking soap that i can't stand hehe)
  • watched episode 1 last night - why the hell don't they release the whole season in one go and let you watch them at your leisure?!?! :D
  • parks and recreation is great. Modern Family? boardwalk empire? Breaking Bad season 3 wasn't too bad, better than 2 at any rate. Generation Kill?

  • also, related, and slightly NSFW (merkins!)

  • season 7 can't come soon enough! spring 2015, ffs...
  • that's, like, years away!
  • Wifes of Swanson is always hot )
  • I don't know about 'good', but we've been watching Orphan Black. There are two seasons out there to catch up on...made for a great weekend of loafing.
  • ah yeah, i've heard quite a few people talk about that, supposedly very good :)
  • Please watch "Fargo" series.
    Very beautiful. Great landscapes and environment.


  • ah yes, i've just set a reminder to torrent the fuck out of that later on :) ta!
  • I'm watching reruns of "Gilligan's Island" <3
  • Oh man, I remember Gilligan's Island, loved that as a kid!
  • Halt and Catch Fire - damn this is good! First season just wrapped tonight...

    Also, Manhattan is pretty good - only two episodes so far.
  • ^Halt and Catch Fire....LOVE IT just got me second helping ;)
  • anybody other than me watching The Strain? it's getting good. plus, i'm into The Bridge. digging that too.
  • ^The Bridge was awesome! The Strain? New to me. Cheers for heads up ;)
  • my buddy happened to bring season 1 of fargo @ 1080p in to the office yesterday, so i backed up a copy of it :)
  • watched the first episode of fargo last night, much enjoyment. told the missus "this ain't a comedy, mind", then we both proceeded to giggle at it throughout the opening hour. was that right? i dunno, it was good though :D
  • Anybody watching season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire?
  • a gal at work got me hooked on Banshee. if you haven't seen it, check it out. it's a freaking awesome show!!!
  • Liking "Not safe for work" at the mo.
  • guys? guys! watch mr. robot, it's fucking great :)
  • Silicon Valley, True Detective (lol) at the mo...
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