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the most excellent bike thread (pedal)
  • specialized fatboy cruiser in candy red


    now all i need to do is to move to california after winning the lottery.

    i can't seem to find it on the specialized website though. plenty of results on google...
  • I'll be absolutely honest with you. I've seen some right dickheads on bikes like these. One of them is my boss.
  • well, i wouldn't buy one. just like i wouldn't by an orange county chopper. but they are nice to look at.

    hell, people living in the uk shouldn't have one of these. you need a minimum of california to get away with this. boss == cock :D
  • Yeah, there are a lot of these here. I've seen some all wood ones and shit as well. I personally think they are lame, but whatever floats your bag.
  • Lazy bastards. ;)
  • the last one looks like a wheelchair from Q's special sporty collection
  • Batavus Favoriet

    I know it's nothing special but this is my bike - The Batavus Favoriet. A true companion and it does the trick :smile:

    I just washed it yesterday and it looks great!
  • that is pretty hot. need some flat ground for it, i bet :)
  • nice! I agree with chris lol!
  • yeah... but when I get some momentum it actually goes pretty fast :smile: even over a hill. but yeah... it's very heavy... but looks good!
  • mine is theshit...


    coming up with a new fork within the next two weeks...


    oh, wait - i thought that was victoria giving him head... teehee!
  • LOL. She gotta fat arse :happy:
  • im looking to get a new pedal bike - my current one has had too many accidents for economical repair now (latest was being run over by a bus - i leapt free in time hence im able to type this)

    it was a standard ridgeback hybrid but im not stuck on this - i quite like alcindor's style but they all seem expensive.

    any recommendations? otherwise i'll just get the equivalent same ridgeback again. (£200-£300 budget)

  • my bike is the cheapest as possible (70 Euro), and I've done undreds of Km with it :D
    I recommend it, it builds your muscle and spirit ;)

    also I've had some other bikes stolen and I can't afford to "give" away good bikes :(
  • its a possibility

  • sexy! I mean sexy!

    looked at this thread for the 1st time just now

  • 5-wheeled bike
  • it's a concept track bike

    "like the evolution of a frog into a lightning-fast fixed gear"

    i think it's stunning. :)

    alex suvjak
  • I've got this one... served me well on 7 commute miles a day with a train trip as part of the journey.


    It did get some funny looks from the other cyclists on the train though. :smile:
  • Verum:It did get some funny looks from the other cyclists on the train though. :smile:
    because your bike is damn hawt?
  • riddle me this, oh Verum of the enormous tires. :D

    why oh why does your commuter bike not have fenders? is the stripe up your back a sign of athletic prowess? =P

    last time i was forced to ride a bike with no fenders, i jammed a piece of cedar shingle in place to deflect road grime and water.
  • silent:why?
    because your bike is damn hawt?

    Well, basically, yeah. :tongue: Partly because of the big tires and lack of suspension (but for my commute, those bigger tires were all the suspension i needed, this way pedaling energy isnt sucked up by shocks)

    mick:riddle me this, oh Verum of the enormous tires. :D

    why oh why does your commuter bike not have fenders? is the stripe up your back a sign of athletic prowess? =P

    I live in sunny southern California, and that bike has seen maybe 3 puddles. Just some uneven cement and some sandy areas on the route made me choose this over a full on road bike. I changed clothes at work anyway, but never had the tell-tale stripe (I checked often) :happy:
  • kind of freakish, no?
    what's the goal?
  • no idea :)

    pretty cool though...
  • my bike:

    costed me 35EUR one year ago and it is priceless :happy:
    I've done several hundred km with it and I love it!!!
  • heres my new bike...

    Dyno Roadster
  • looks comfy! :D
  • but truthfully, looks shiny and not to be ridden. does it ride ok, or is it more for looking at?
  • lp, how fucking tall are you for real!?

    you must have to S T R E T C H to reach those grips dude.

    i want to see video of you riding that sucker.
  • it is actually very comfortable! it is quite low, i agree, that's why it's a pedalscraper! sparks all around!!! :D
    the springer works very well, it's steering is not all that but you get used to it... it's a showboat as well of course :)

    here's how you're supposed to ride these beauties:
  • shit.

    that's sick. i might need to add a new bike to my collection!

    i have no more room in my living room though!

    is it custom? where do you buy the long frame from?
  • Mine is a Dyno Roadster, it's not being build under that name anymore but you can buy the new version from KustomKruisers and it's now called a Slickdaddy...

    i just wanted an original and was fortunate to find a collector who still had 2 in a box, brandnew!

    check this or search on ebay or your local bike dealer...
  • chicken:

    sexy! I mean sexy!

    looked at this thread for the 1st time just now

    Cool bike, but I was reminded of this from South Park when I saw it:

    kinda gay bike thing
  • Got me a new tire...
  • new wheels

    hardrook 2008 bike
  • noice!
  • my new ride.
  • My bike.

    It's few few years old and just after I took this picture I changed the bar and stem for something shorter and with a little more rise for a more aggressive riding position.

  • nice track bike shep, must be lovely on big hill climbs :) I want a road or cx bike next, not sure if I have it in me to try going single speed tho
  • is that a single speed or a fixie? i'm guessing single speed as you have brakes on the thing :)
  • It's a single speed, not hipster enough for a fixie, plus I like the feeling of coasting. As for the hill climbs, Chicago is insanely flat, so not a big issue for me.
  • GT


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