The good morning thread



  • Evening! Another Monday out of the way, eh?

  • Oh yeah? Well here's Friday for ya, chuffy!

  • dearest whomstever is in charge of the install here, can we have embedded medias (img, YT, vimeo, etc.) NOT be centered? thank you plz

  • Happy Sunday (with in sun)! 😎

  • Good Afternoon

  • @peak' why are they centered in the first place? ReKT!

  • Ha! No idea, someone a Vanilla had their own ideas…!? Is it creating tech problems for you or is it just jarring with your senses? 😁

    AfternoonMorning @urbansurgeon! Long time no see (here), etc… How life been treating you during these strange times?

  • it is jarring my senses. also, you can't put in lil emotes/emoji/ whatever the kids call it this week, like, inline. It'll bash it on the next line, add some padding, and center it like a mad lad!

  • you know i'm right.

    also, good morning.

  • But also good night.

  • But also good morning.

  • Did I argue? I was just that annoying kid asking why… 😁

    Evening, all!

  • quiet, innit?


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    Hey @slater

    It is, in'it.

    Afternoon and good evening! How's things in SF?

  • …in other news.

    I see, on Instagram, @Flash Soldier has some news (congratulations!!)

  • ‘Sup?!

    /me runs over to Instagram...

  • I dun’t see nuthin’!

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    They're expecting 👼🏼

    (It was in an Insta story, so might be gone now?!)

  • Aha! Bloody stories... 😆

    Congrats, flash! Gonna need a baby seat to replace that sissybar now!

  • It’s been 100% rain here the last couple of days, but somehow getting worse over the weekend... 🛶

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    We've had a week like that, though cleared yesterday thankfully (and I got to the hills – hurray!)…

    Looks like it'll be back again tomorrow and Monday! I'd like some crips autumn days, please. 🌤️

    Oh, umm, did you see we're expecting a La Niña weather event!? So a winter more like… 💨🌧️

  • things here in SF... well, it's fuckin' *palpable* how everyone is waiting for next Tuesday's election to vote out the orange berk.

    other than that, no tourists means slow times at the 'ôtel i manage, and uhhh... yeah... *twiddles thumbs...

  • Morning @slater! It still seems too close to predict from this side of the Atlantic but let's hope Trump gets trumped! He's certainly getting no help from Russia this time…!? 🤣

    We're going back into a national lockdown here, from Thursday (well England is, Wales and Scotland have a slightly different but no better or worse from what I can see, state of play)…

    "*twiddles thumbs..."

    I'm expecting it to get that bad, I've had my sister send me one of her jigsaws!!

  • Haha! 😁🤔


    I hope you've all gone to vote – Team US – and for the right team!

  • Shame it’s so close currently... I was kinda hoping for a bit of a landslide.

  • as said by someone else on a diff forum:

    so far, ~65 million electoral votes for Biden, ~64 million for Trump

    how do 64 million people look at Trump and say, Yeah, I want this idiot to lead us for another 4 years?

  • Evening!

    Oh, I saw some of your fellow votes being interviewed on the news today and they were still hoping he would/could win! They were all very sincere (and not rednecks, on the face of it) – scary.

    It's no better here, really, we've still got people who think this virus is a hoax!

  • quiet, innit?

  • Morning!

    Yes, it is! Don't know what's happened to everyone @chris, lockdown 2.0 variations and family, I imagine.

    The madness* continues over there?


  • it never stops!

    actually it might, in about a week... i think some of the more contested state(s) have Dec 14th as a cut-off day for certifying the votes? So... 9 more days of Giuliani's insane dog'n'pony show, then a loooong slog till end of January when the military forcibly removes the orange lunatic

  • Giuliani is a little under the weather, no?

    lockdown is ‘over’ here? pubs aren’t allowed to sell alcohol? I’ve been busy up the workshop, and designoring work.

    eldest was in school for all of 15mins this morning before the whole year group was sent home due to a positive covid student. He’s off for 14 days now, which means off till January, right?! 😂


  • Giuliani needs to have been put out to pasture, like, 10 years ago.

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    the orange berk retweeted this today:

    (that's that new Krazy Kristian™ supreme court justice)

  • 😂


  • Morning ~all!

    I had to remind myself of what restrictions we're under here, I'm right on the border between their-3 and 2 (I'm in 3!), so I go to the nearest town south and everything is open, go the same distance in the opposite direction and everything (social) is closed! Go either way and I can cram myself into a shop to buy shit! 😁

    I'm fine though but do wonder when the craziness will stop! The 11th hours of Brexit and Trump seem to be dragging on 😫

    Have a good weekend everyone, working or not…

  • Meanwhile, the orange turd made 24th December a federal holiday. That'll make up for 4 years of fascism!

  • “…victory was confirmed by the US electoral college”

    Thank god for that! Can we all stop holding our breath now…?

    No, we just need the politicians here (and in EU) to get their act together, then may be we can look forward to 20212022?!?!? 🤔



  • Morning, my dudes and dudettes! Merry Christmas to one and all, hope you all have a fab time, even with the restrictions put in place for the new world order! xx

  • Hey chris!

    All the best to you, and ~all! 🎄

  • yet another day 1 of trying to stop the boozin'... great day to start, too! :D

  • Hey Slater. Start tomorrow 😊

    Happy New Year to you all

  • Happy New Year for 2021 my lovelies xxx's

    Like many of you here it's also been a terrible past 12 months this end.

    But...we stand strong and fight every new day's additional challenges because we must and we will do for as long as it takes to find that former equation of what we knew as life real life.

    Stay lovely my lovelies x

  • three days off the sauce, then a six-pack tonight. gg. fuck.

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    How's everyone doin'?

    It's phissing it down here, light grey all around, and same tomorrow by the looks of it, but I can't complain… there's no-one around to listen! 


  • Hah!

    yeah, grey and wet here too. I’m at home all day today. All the kids homeschooling (though one is currently baking!), and the wife on my computer giving lectures over zoom.

    I'm gonna stick a film on I think.

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