The "IT'S FRIDAY" thread!



  • yup. i don't know why, it's been such a nice week, but i'm happy it's friday.

    this weekend we are venturing to Thamel - the very touristy part of the city. nearly everything i've seen so far is a bit gritty - the city. it will be interesting to see all the things people talk about, you find when you search for things to do here, etc. i'm going to eat everything i see.

    have a good one!

  • friiiiiday! happy ones to everybody 😎

  • Yay!

    Yes, have a good one…

    I'm out for food and drink tonight. It'll be civilised.

  • famous last words! i once went out for a meal with friends and mentioned that we were being very grown up! fast forward to us all stumbling through our front doors at about 4:30am...


  • Is this a Friday?

    Happy Friday!

  • Oh my, this hasn't seen the light of day for a while! Until you…

    Ffriday to you too! 😎

    …I've finished mowing the lawn and just sat down for a brew. 🤘

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