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Make Vector Aerobic

Colorpong.com is an unusual stock vector agency that brings a new perspective to the world of vector art. The creative studio, based in Hamburg, Germany, offers abstract vector concepts that are not like the typical vector graphics we are used to.

Make Vector Aerobic
Examples of Connection vector bundle.

Their unique approach is a result of many years of working experience in creative agencies. They observed corporate stock agencies provide the designers with standard images like icons for infographics, website design or basic line art. Colorpong understands that big brands need designs that go beyond this in order to retain their greatness and uniqueness. That is why in 2015 they decided to found their boutique stock agency. A suitable, affordable creative alternative to the corporate competition.

Make Vector Aerobic
Dataism2 vector bundle overview.

Make Vector Aerobic
Dataism III in details.

Since then they developed at about 50 collections. They offer a range of products that center around the themes of space, data, digital art, geometry and experimentation. Every collection is a „vector celebration" of its own. With their attention to detail and passion for creative, unusual solutions they managed to build up a very diverse portfolio, which may also serve as a perfect source for inspiration. You will find visualizations of data that are akin to fireworks lighting up the night, spiral galaxies, stars, sound graphs and many more. These images will definitively add color, movement, and life to your next creative project. Each image could serve as a visual for a unique branding concept or stand as beautiful abstract art entirely on its own.

Make Vector Aerobic
Vector brushes.

Make Vector Aerobic
Lines vector bundle.

Additionally, all images are vector graphics. You can scale them to all sorts of formats and edit the color, line thickness, etc. They can be used for all kinds of applications- digital and print. Colorpong also offers some free vector graphics and vector brushes for vector artworks that require a more painterly approach. Colorpong claims to "make vector aerobic." They achieve this goal by continually exploring and advancing new visual ideas.

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