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  • there's an animated version of that time cover, too (can't embed twitter video, so here's a youtube version with a shitty voiceover instead)

  • hypocrisy hurts
  • I have never seen America so split apart under any President like this. He must be removed. It will take years to heal this ,Not only in the USA but for the rest of the World...

    Remember that before he won the Election..At a briefing.. He asked 3 times if we have nukes (within 90 minutes).. "Why can't we use them?"
    agreed blues. this fucker scares me. but what scares me most is the people that voted for him and still back him. jesus, next election those fucking morons will elect a goddamn kardashian. :(
  • A Trump tweet from last year...
    The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?
  • omg...this interview on fox this morning is off the rails. i never watch fox, but lordy...

    so often i want to say i'm sorry to my non-american friends because of this guy. i was just writing a work email to somebody in Brighton and i actually started writing at the end "i'm sorry ab..." before i realized i don't need to say that.

    i don't even know why i'm typing this. or typing it here. full of shame...

    purposefully eroding confidence in legitimate media is going to lead to a large war somewhere in the world.
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    Yes! You don't need to be apologising on behalf of your president/country, just like I don't need to do the same for our lot and Brexit – though I do feel like it, too, every time I'm talking to someone from mainland Europe!

    The friggin a-holes, the lot of them!

  • (yeah, sorry about brexit, too!)
  • How can one not be totally fucking pissed off today?!

    Goddamn this guy!!!!
  • Oh, I think people are.

    (I'm presuming you mean his stance over Iran?)
  • Yes. I am so pissed off about this shit tonight.
  • looks great!
  • how retarded...i posted that in the wrong thread.

  • You were close.. If your video at the bottom said "Timely disposal of garbage from Washington D.C within the day is expected" I would have applauded you!
  • trump has issues with 'open hostility'? what? do we call him a snowflake now?

    mystified by this guys hypocrisy. he should ban himself from twitter...
  • speaking of banning from twitter.. that judge ruling is huge. there is a lot of court cases against twitter and Facebook and youtube at the moment for censoring a lot of accounts/ shadow banning users. The ruling should force tw/fb/yt to play fairly with all users, we might not like what some people have to say, but they do have a right to say it, just don't get mad reading the drivel.
  • i think most sensible people have stopped using those platforms. or, at least, don't need them to form critical opinion.
  • some of them have a right to say some of the things, but a lot of the banned ones were either spreading racial hatred, or belonged to people/organisations which did.

    or simply broke the platform's terms of service in some other way (remember we never took .mac to court for closing our hosting accounts :D).

    but yes - i get your main point, playing fairly is the best way of doing things, and should be a priority.
  • Antifa is an organisation that supports attacking a group of individuals through violence. Should they be banned as well? PETA? they support violence aswell .. where do we draw the line in what amounts to being a worse crime,? hate against women/men? hate against a political group? hate a against someones colour or ancestral origins? someones religion?

    I am a victim of hate. I have been physically assaulted for standing up against racial abuse. I have been physically assaulted for my ancestral origins. I am religious and its a daily on slaught on how and what i believe is wrong.

    Banning any hatred on the internet isn't going to change what has happened to me, or anyone else that is a victim. Its not even going to change what some asshat will do in the future for some messed up beliefs. Banning them makes them believe they are being silenced because they are right.
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    on social media it's not that simple. why should it be allowed that people use bots and targeting of blantantly contentious imagery (have you seen it) to cause problems? it shouldn't - and this is why it's happening.

    in the past quarter facebook has deleted 500 million fake accounts. this is not an arbitrary issue.

    everybody is racist. but, most of us, don't need to wear it on our sleeves and we are able to be part of the civil society.

    carrying torches and congregating outside of a synagogue in charlottesville is/was absolutely a threat.
  • Only a racist believes everyone is racist.

    bots and fake accounts should be deleted. Ive always thought so and will continue to do so. I have no doubt that a very large portion of the 500 million accounts that Facebook deleted were fake (They never said they deleted 500 mill fake accounts.. they said they were mostly fake, but throwing this out there to show how news can be interpreted differently; 251mill is still most of 500 mill)

    twitter has admitted taking action on accounts that distract and distort what they perceive as what public conversation should be.
    It should be pointed out Jack Dorsey is an on record donor for Democratic Party candidates.

    there is a larger censorship that is happening under the rouse of ban the alt-right.. not everyone feeling the ban is a racist asshole. some are just looking at news critically and doing their own research and reporting what they find, never calling for blood, just questioning whether what they see is real and still get banned.
  • i'll disagree.
  • Antigua and pita should be banned, yup :)

    (Autoincorrected, of course!)
  • In the words of, I think it was the Pope, haters goin' t' hate...

    Not sure what the answer is, but yes, not sure outright bans will work.

    Ban the pita! Awful!
  • Tommy Robinson arrest anyone? why the D-Notice for "breach of peace" arrest?

    arrest -> court -> sentenced -> in jail - within hours, I've never seen the court system work that fast anywhere.

    we are fast slipping into an episode of black mirror
  • not at all - he was on licence for pretty much the same thing from a year ago. good enough for him, the fucking cretin :)
  • yes he is a cretin, he is a symptom that things are very wrong in society. but it is the severity of the sentence and the speed that it happened (under an hour now being reported) that is freaking people out and that the judge has now banned anyone talking about it. the D-Notice restrictions are supposed to be used for media reporting on cases that are still before the courts so not to influence juries.. not after the fact, as with cretin robinson.

    just to make it clear, I'm not defending tommy. this is about censorship after the fact
  • i think the case was / is ongoing, and there were rumours that the defence team were already calling for a mistrial.
  • those rumours were true they did call the jury contaminated by bias, but the argument was thrown out. Hurry for social media.. who needs the mainstream media eh?
  • wow...roseanne. they actually cancelled her show, too.

    i bet she was heavy on the whiskey or something when she did that. or, perhaps she is just way more pathetic than we can imagine?
  • she's an idiot, she should have kept her attacks/tweets personal like michelle wolfe does lol
  • racist comments are kind of different than political comments.

    and when the president is clearly a racist, xenophobic, mysogynist, nihlist liar - he's ripe for being called out via humor and the media.

    i wish god would delete all social media platforms - that would be the day!
  • Fuck Trump.. i was referring to her attack on sarah sanders.. who was sitting right there.. she was making fun of her appearance.. in reality there is no difference between that and racism.. but michelle is a comedian (as is roseanne) so it was acceptable because sarah represents trump (as valerie jarrett represents obama)
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    Sanders lies for Trump quite often. Sanders is good at her job, as well, but that's not an excuse for lying to the public.

    For instance, Sanders has no problem allowing a big diss on McCain. Or, standing up for the racists in Charlottesville. She's nasty just like Trump. Over the years worse things have been said at the press dinner. This admin is hyper politicizing everything as though they are victims of deep state liberal bias. Hurray Fox news for telling it like it is!

    I'm not going to play tit for tat with you...I can see, even though I am a lifelong conservative, I disagree with where you are coming from probably wholly.
  • she was making fun of her appearance.. in reality there is no difference between that and racism..
    oh yes there is! hehe
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    Ambien Maker Denounces Roseanne Barr For Blaming Racist Tweet On Insomnia Drug

    “Racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

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    the country is being run by amateurs (and simply, mean people). this is going to end badly.

  • i suspect she was actually fired for calling Soros and nazi collaborator

  • The headlines this morning, did make me wonder if Donald's getting mixed-up in his 'negotiations'!

    "NY meeting paves the way for Kim-Trump summit" or "Kim lobbies Trump over inmate"

    You can see why! :)
  • the country is being run by amateurs (and simply, mean people). this is going to end badly.

    agreed. i jokingly said to my friend's mother that the morons that elected trump will elect a kardashian next. this white house meeting is scary to me. :o
  • Did you have to :!:


    "Trump Calls for Russia to Be Readmitted to G-7"

    it just doesn't fucking end with this guy. insulting ALL of our closest allies and starting trade wars and now this? motherfuckingimpeachthispieceofshit!

    everybody remembers why russia was booted out of the g8, right? and there are newer reasons as poisoning people in the UK.

    when the fuck will the repubs grow some balls?
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    Quoting another article...
    On every major issue on the table, from trade and women’s rights to climate change and Iran, not only is Trump at odds with the other six leaders, but also the White House has refused to properly engage with the G7 process altogether — a sign, some officials fear, that he may be intent on tearing apart the very rules and fabric that bind the West together.

    Negotiations have been chaotic, and behind schedule. The US has blocked all meaningful proposals, and any areas of agreement left between the seven have been so hollowed out that they are basically devoid of any substance.

    “On all the key issues it’s even worse than in Italy [last year’s G7 host country] where some things slipped through because the US was sloppy. The US are now intransigent. They don’t want to engage at all, and have blocked everything,” one of the sources said.

    “Trump doesn’t seem to see any value in the G7, and just wants to deal with issues his way,” the source added.

    The current wording in a statement on women’s and girl’s rights and health has nothing on sexual and reproductive rights. “It would be like a statement on cancer not mentioning tobacco,” a non-governmental observer heavily involved in the G7 process said.

    And, on Thursday, US negotiators also began trying to water down wording on violence against women, according to another diplomat. Alongside an ongoing veto on references to man-made climate change, the US was also attempting to sink the substance out of a proposal to rid oceans of plastic as well as block the establishment of protected marine areas.

    Also on the officials long list of concerns, according to a source, is that the US president could end up spending more time comparing the G7 venue, a luxury hotel adjacent to a golf course, to his own properties rather than deal with the issues at stake.
    when are we going to sanction trump for the dangerous global situation he is creating for americans?
  • Geez guys, let’s give him a chance, eh? :D
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