What are you listening to now?



  • the dead 60s! awesomesauce.


  • The lady has that thing which gives me the shivers
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    on repeat
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    Streaming for free on iTunes

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    ^oh, tidy beans.

  • I was just listening to that too, still making my mind up about it - what did you think @nick?

    Hi orson'!
    ...whoa what?
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    I am crazy person
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  • peak, I've not been a fan of most of the new stuff (probably since Scary Monsters) with only one or two exceptions. I'm trying to keep a lid on how "exciting" the whole thing is... generally I don't love the tracks instantly but after a couple of listens I'm really liking them.

    On the surprise release of Where Are We Now I was a lot disappointed, I kind of couldn't understand how he could release something so mediocre after 10 years of silence. That said, I loved the track after a day or two.

    On the whole, I am really beginning to enjoy the album. It feels like this carries on from where Lodger finished. I kind of feel like Bobby Ewing right now :D
  • and orson, that .zip file contained an alias... I'm putting you back on the list
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    5 people i know downloaded zip with no problem(not sure what you mean by alias) there is one track outside of the folder)
  • i posted wrong link my bad
  • at least i know im not crazy
  • peak, I've not been a fan of most of the new stuff (probably since Scary Monsters) with only one or two exceptions (...) I kind of feel like Bobby Ewing right now :D
    For me there was an initial 'why the hell at his age, after all this time?!' That's often how I feel when people try and come back! Let it lie!

    One track did start off with an old man's voice for me...

    That said, I (also) found some of it growing on me.
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    Why should he "let it lie"? Why in the hell should he give ten fucks what supposed fans think of him, if they are dictating his life plan retirement. If i was Bowie i would make an album called "Fuck You Peak, I can make music as long as i fucking feel like it because its my life not yours and i have more greatness on the tip of my pinky than you will ever be in life" An artist doesnt have to answer to fucking fans only themselves . Holier than though pieces of shit hpow the fuck would you like it if somebody told you that you need to stop doing what you enjoy because you're too fucking old(my edit). Such an asshole fucking opinion!
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    FFS, I can't believe you took that so seriously orson', especially considering how opinionated you've been over the years! It's not an asshole opinion, it's a passing comment! This place is just for banter, right?

    Course I don't think he should listen to me or anyone else! You never listen to a piece of music and say 'that's shit'?

  • I do all of thwe time including some bowie i just dont like the 'oh he should retire because hes too old' unless talking about sports i dont see any age limit to music , i thought heathen and realitywere both good albums, and even earthlig had a bit to it. I just dont like people trying to dictate or imply what an artist is better off doing , it is up to the artist themselves..if you dont like then dont like~ im drunk and bowie is high on my list of greatest people...but this reminded me of a youtube comment i saw on the gorillaz melancholy hill video where some poster made response who are those 2 old guys on the stage , those 2 "old fucks" on the stage were mick jones and paul simonon both old yes but both still playing fantastic
    Peak I love you, im just in a mood!
  • ill be 43 in june i dont like the old people coments ~ HA!
  • ill be 43 in june i dont like the old people coments ~ HA!
    43! Spring chicken! I hit 48 this year!

    I love Bowie, that's why I hope to hear good shit from him, if I didn't like him I wouldn't be asking nick' what he thought!? Doh!


    All's cool, you know it is...
  • ...and I don't consider myself old, or even heading there, so you better not!

    Anyway, we've hijacked this enough...
  • is a hijacker! Ha!
  • I think there is a time to retire... just look at McCartney's performances at the Olympics and Jubilee last year. He can't cut it anymore.

    Bowie, on the other hand, has proved that he's still relevant and probably still more creative than anybody on the music scene right now. Bowie is sounding younger than ever and long may that last.

    At this point I'd really like to hear about a tour :)
  • wow, some of you guys are, like, well old, innit! :D

    i think that if the artist wants to, then they should. same with sport stars. it's ultimately up to the fans/public as to whether or not they release new music / tour / get selected for the team. admittedly, there are (seemingly) some "oldies" who continue to get picked and have nothing really left to show for it, but i think it's in the minority.

    hell, ryan giggs - 39 he is, playing his 1000th game tomorrow night. scored 3 goals in his last 5 appearances for the team which is currently sitting atop the english premier league. that's quite some feat, yo.
  • i guess what i'm saying is, age is a state of mind, yo.
  • but paul mccartney, man... :D
  • out of interest, does anyone have a copy of anthrax' "state of euphoria" that could be made available to download, at all? <3
  • *cancel request* i has it.

    guess what i'm listening to now? :D
  • image

    Fucking nice album :)
  • strange that, a few minutes after reading your post, i'm also listening to the new flaming lips - WHAT ARE THE ODDS, RIGHT?! :D
  • Local music from New Orleans.. I've heard that other places have music.. But I know that's a lie..

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  • well, i quite liked that :)
  • holy shit orson!

    i NEED more gold panda. from where can i plunder?!
  • well, i quite liked that :)

  • holy shit orson!

    i NEED more gold panda. from where can i plunder?!
    If you're serious i can upload their stuff to dropbox for you

  • do eeeet! i thought it was pretty cool :)
  • just letting you know that was one of their more user friendly "sounds"
    pretty sure this is everything released
  • ^this is stuff i like to mix into trip cd's
  • yeehaw! thanks dude :)

    i'll be sure to let you know if i manage to get through the weirder stuff hehe
  • A lot of off-key female vocal type stuff:

    Football Etc. - Sudden Death

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