A Gamer's Alphabet_ WE DID IT !!

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A Gamer's Alphabet is an awesome little book, and I'm really proud to have been part of the making.
Front CoverBack Cover

Pimp this book!


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    All letters are assigned. One month to the deadline. OCTOBER 26. Noon. Pacific Standard Time.

    Send completed work to


    If you find yourself unable to fulfill the commitment, make arrangements for a substitute please.

    I have to know how you want to be credited. Your name or "username" ?


    Colour palette of your choice.



    Page size: 7×7 inches (18×18 centimeters)
    After trimming: 6.88 x 6.63 in (17.46 x 16.83 cm)

    High Q jpg ok.

    BUT... save your original. maybe a real printer will want this someday, who knows? (should we give the originals.. tiffs, etc. to BIff?)

    You all must know by now that I'm not well schooled in layouts and font choices. ** I am asking for advice or volunteers.

    • The front cover/ title... I was thinking alphabet blocks, but with "computer green" bitmap fonts spelling out "A Gamer's Alphabet" NEED

    • dedication (inside front cover) I will write this and ask Biff to vet the content before publishing. NEED layout and font

    • back page (the credits) NEED layout and font

    • back cover: The pic of Fairfax buried in game controllers. :)

    • A promotional pdf would be a good thing. I don't much like Blurb's preview that they provide on the website. This would have to be all done and ready for the "teaser" pics when the above deadline arrives. NEED
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    thanks for this post! I was just thinking about asking for a heads up.
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    i'll show you mine if you show me your's? :P

    can't wait to see everybody's! i can't believe i actually didn't grind this project to a halt with my awesome procrastination skills. :D
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    Cool, got a big yellow sticky on the front of my imac to remind me the deadline. If i get time (which in the next few weeks i won't), i wouldn't mind doing something in the covers, perhaps the fairfax & controllers.

    Good stuff peeps, and mick!
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    I assume it's the BIGGEST yellow sticky, mesk? :)

    i'd love it if you wanted to get the Fairfax pic ready for primetime. i haven't got the pic yet; Biff's been a bit busy (ohyeah). i'll forward it to you when i get it unless you tell me not to, ok?
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    Cool. Let me get the letter done first - scheduled (yes!) for next week. I just got all organised on myself... yo ~shakes head side to side.
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    :) i embarassed myself with a failed whisper again.

    go along with your business.... no ignorance here. nope. not a bit.
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    i'd like it if people would check in and tell me they've not forgotten this. :)

    i also DO need to know what name to use for you on the Credits page.

    also .......if you're at another website where there are participants lurking, please give them a heads-up?

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    need to look at my letter S and make sure everything is the way i want it.

    i'm working on my letter B. i'll try and have something for you tonite or tomorrow. :)
  • Ve.Ve.
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    Phew! There will be a CHECK MARK next to my and flak's name soon!!! I sent in our offering yesterday. These *we're gonna make a book* projects(unlike *purely for fun* ones like ...um...say...mix-tape) are MORE IMPORTANT. They have a beginning, middle and END.I feel for the *luckers who stand at the helm on these things...as we are a FAZY LOT!

    Anyway...the BOOK projects...well we should make our deadlines, I'm thinkin' and not make the person at the helm nibble her/his nails down to the nervous *nub*.

    Just my humble opinion.... One I can offer from THIS side (the DONE side) of the fence much easier than from the NOT DONE SIDE,granted...

    a big ;-)
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    I am nowhere near done :D
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    am i supposed to post my finished jpgs here for the group to see or is there some other thread that i should put them? :)
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    you're supposed to email them nim
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    i've done that. was referring to this post...
    mick said...now that the letters are all assigned, people might want to post their work as it's finished. :)
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    Ahhh, to be honest I'd rather wait until I get a copy of the book
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    that's why i didn't want to just whip em' out. :D

    still, part of me in anxious to see what everybody else's take was on it. :)
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    baseisdead said...I am nowhere near done :D
    I'm nowhere near starting, but i have scheduled it in. Yes i do my own trafficking.
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    ^ (i have to keep telling myself this)
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    Yeah, Ve and I are super busy, but we had to stop being fazy for a couple of evenings to hammer this out. So glad it's over!

    Uh, give me some more time on that mixtape.
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    i am at about 80%, finished that is. Gonna sit on it for a couple more days.

    I may make this deadline.
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    your 80% completed piece is still probably about 500% better than my final piece :D
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    i'm at about 80 % done with my letter as well.

    folks..... please don't ride the deadline if you can help it? early is good and i promise not to ruin your reputation by telling. :)

    there's more than 20 people in this and we're all counting on each other.

    speaking of which.....

    i am NOT doing well with the book cover. it would be wonderful if anyone has a bright idea and wants to implement it.

    i know i can finish my letter in time. the rest of the "setup" is stressing me out.

    i wish some of the infrequent flyers would check in and let us know they've not forgotten.

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    I'm workign on it right now. Its been alot tougher then I first though. I'm sure I'll have something done though. I have one drawn up, just ahs to be 'computerized' and I have a good concept fo rthe second, but I'm having a heck of a time finding decent reference materials to help out my lacking drawing ability.
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    what? wormy, i thought you were nearly done with the first; that's why i caved in and set you up with a second letter. :( you have a lot going on, i know.

    this is important, my friends.

    there's 12 days left.

    the deadline isn't arbitrary. it's just about the latest we can get the completed book to Blurb and still hope to have it available to fundraise for Marissa at Xmas time. the holiday gift giving tradition is the reason we think the books will sell.

    it's not going to do so well if it goes late.

    if you can't get it done, no one will think less of you, but you need to arrange for a substitute to do it, ok?

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    I'll finish it. Figured out an easier and possibly better way to do the second one. Should have at least one finished by the end of this weekend if not both.
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    if you still need help with the cover, i'll see what i can do. let me know. :)
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    Picture forthcoming, today seems somewhat dramaless.
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    I'm on it.
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    good news, wormy. i apologize for the angst-y answer above. i got nervous. :D

    nimmot.. YES. I NEED HELP. i'll email you, ok?

    Biff.. that's good; i was hesitant to ask you about it after catching up on your blog; anything at all sounds like too much. *hug*

    yay meska! are you still thinking you can get Biff's photo ready for the back cover?

    X !
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    I think so... I'll talk to you about it when i'm done on the letter (hopefully by tomorrow/night).
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    I was just thinking, shouldn't the front and back cover be integrated in one piece? Gamers Alphabet on the front in maybe an illustrative form/ cut and paste stylee perhaps - i like the controllers idea - maybe it should be controllers on front and on the back the controllers continue with Fairfax buried in them?

    I would do this, bit hefty on the workload, but it's a possibility. Maybe a task share with someone handy in ps/illustrator Nim the destroyer?
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    I even have an idea for the lettering on the front in keeping with the brief yo. I read the brief again!
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    what is this pic of fairfax you speak of?

    and do you have an image of the controllers as well? let me know. :)
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    i typed out this long screed, and previewed, thought i'd hit "post" and lost it all. :) again.

    Biff's going to send a pic of Fairfax buried in a pile of game controllers.

    if nimmot and meska could coordinate something for the front and back covers, i would be eternally grateful; i'm at an impass with my attempts. they were uniformly bad.

    i'm also struggling (yes) with choosing a decent free font for the dedication/forward and list of contributors (back of book). then i have to figure out how to make all that line up right... not something i'm good at.

    :) i'd eagerly take volunteer help on that, too.
  • modmod
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    Razzing mine out now:wink:
  • modmod
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    yes you did. and it's wonderful. :)
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    there's a check mark next to my name.

    i am very relieved.

    now for the rest of it......
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    here's how the list looks, with the letters all in order.

    A by SDoh
    B by nimmot
    C by wormsnot
    D by jedrek
    E by jano
    F by s0n0
    G by chris
    H by nicko
    I by mod
    J by mick
    K by baseisdead
    L by pj
    M by jesse
    N by Ve. and flak
    O by Matt
    P by be-jot
    Q by wormsnot
    R by meska
    S by nimmot
    T by Skyler
    U by Jussi
    V by nicko
    W by Cyansfriction
    X by Toby
    Y by blueshead
    Z by Skyler

    as of now, the names in the list are the ones going in the credits, unless i'm given further instruction.

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    oh, i forgot about this. november the what was the deadline?
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    Sun's finally out light finally good and natural, pic incoming!
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    Got some urgent work in, so most likely will be sending over Wed - i am about 60% done. Should be on to help out with covers towards end of week/weekend.
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    jesse said...sent.

    :) pure amazing jesse-work.
    meska said...Got some urgent work in, so most likely will be sending over Wed - i am about 60% done. Should be on to help out with covers towards end of week/weekend.
    glad you've got work (my loyalties are torn, here. :D )

    i emailed nimmot about covers, etc. i hope hope hope you can help, meskadon.

    Biff.. that's great.

    small increments of confidence are mine. mmhmmm
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    Here's the list again, but sorted in order.
    the names are as they will appear in the credits unless you tell me different.

    A by SDoh
    B by nimmot ✔
    C by Courtney Semeniuk ✔
    D by Bartek Jagniatkowski ✔
    E by Jano ✔
    F by Lee ✔
    G by chris ✔
    H by nicko ✔
    I by mod ✔
    J by Mick MeToo ✔
    K by baseisdead
    L by pj ✔
    M by Jesse Steinfort ✔
    N by Ve. and flak ✔
    O by Matt
    P by Bartek Jagniatkowski ✔
    Q by Courtney Semeniuk ✔
    R by Meskadon ✔
    S by nimmot ✔
    T by Skyler ✔
    U by Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen ✔
    V by nicko ✔
    W by Cyansfriction
    X by Bartek Jagniatkowski ✔
    Y by blueshead
    Z by Skyler ✔

    edit: LIST MOVED DOWN IN THREAD. i'll update it there.
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    I'll try to get mine done over weekend. Gotta aim for simplicity!
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    simplicity is always my downfall.... as in ... i don't think i know how. :)

    i hope you do get it done over the weekend, dear jussi. heh.. the deadline's 2 am Monday, your time.

    (please please please)

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    this coming monday? oh dear...
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    i hope you enjoy watching me twitch. :p
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    i've really not set aside enough time to be happy with the projected outcome of mine - just a heads up :(
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