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I did it (stupid iPhone)
  • i signed up for a crappy plan, for 2 years, with next to no data, with a stupid company who's 3G coverage is a little less than good, all so I could have this stupid peice of tech.

    I am deliriously happy.
  • hehe. If anybody gets a 3g and are familiar with the 2.5g and speeds of surfing, etc, let me know. The wife wants to get a 3g if it surfs faster.
  • When I saw EDDIE IZZARD, he did a whole *bit* about iPhone...he got his out and tried looking something up in Wikipedia and it took a long time...and made a joke about * today I am CUTTING EDGE...July 9 I'll be CRAP....*

    He was funny about AGREEMENTS too...we'll take yer children and wife...I AGREE...we'll attach all yer assets...We'll break yer knees..I AGREE...I AGREE...I AGREE... just GIVE ME THE UPDATE...!
  • im going to pick up mine tomorrow, going to probably leave my house at 5am and camp till 8am when they open the store up, says they have limited quantities to a 'couple of dozen' per store, more or less. im going on hols in 5 days so i kind of need google maps with my, all the time.. email etc..
  • iphone, lolz!
  • Using data abroad= empty pockets
  • Congrats!! My 4-year old Sony Ericsson phone is jealous. ;)
  • Decided to go for a weekend away to the Hunter Valley instead. Will wait until next month.
  • colleague queued up and bought one at apple store london this morning.

    o2 dicked it up and it took 45 minutes from the first guy through the door to him leaving

    o2 were also leaking to the crowd that there was limited stock which pissed everyone off as they didnt know whether it was worth being 150th in the queue.

    in the end they had and still have fuckloads
  • It's not in Apple's best interest this time around to constrain supply.
  • posting from ipown 3g
  • apple store did and do

    o2 have restricted supply at their own stores (o2 are the UK network carrier)
  • for all my eye-rolling at the iPhone mania, i am sincerely happy for you, jesse. :) .... and you, too, Matt.

    Joy of Tech was funny on the subject.
  • mick said...Joy of Tech was funny on the subject.
    there's a first time for everything
  • urbansurgeon said...there's a first time for everything

    heh! :happy:
  • I'm gonna have to say, pandora on an itouch or iPhone is pretty cool. There is a gap between songs, but it's not horrible.

    Oh, and the remote application is spiffy.
  • urbansurgeon said...there's a first time for everything

    that's not fair. they were funny 3 years ago, at least once. gee whiz, have you forgotten "dude! you're getting an Intel" ? :p
  • I DID IT ON FRIDAY !!!!!

    3G :)
  • so anyone of those new 2.0-software users tested the pwnage tool already?
  • On the 3g iPhone, it won't unlock carriers. It'll unlock carriers on the 2.5g phone whether or not it's a 2.0 or 1.14 update.
  • michael anyone of those new 2.0-software users tested the pwnage tool already?

    Going to have a stab at it this week. You done it yet?
  • i'll test in on my old iphone at some point
  • squapple said...I DID IT ON FRIDAY !!!!! 3G :)

    congratulations. ;) or... yo! MC 3G!
  • meska said...
    michael anyone of those new 2.0-software users tested the pwnage tool already?

    Going to have a stab at it this week. You done it yet?

    not yet. afaik the installer replacement cydia does offer quake1. can't .... resist .... any ... longer ... aaaarrrrggghh! maybe i'm gonna wait until iphone os 2.1 is released? damn. i don't know what to do :)
  • michael anyone of those new 2.0-software users tested the pwnage tool already?

    so whats this thing all about, peak?

    mick said...
    squapple said...I DID IT ON FRIDAY !!!!! 3G :)

    congratulations. ;) or... yo! MC 3G!

    thanks you. I am a very happy man now :) Its better than i thought it would be. And the GPS got me home from being lost at the weekend !!

    I can highly recommend the radio tuner app as well. You get all the stations available in itunes.
  • ipwns FTW
  • you got one, nicko?
  • yeah, got one of the original ones though... best phone I've ever had
  • okay, anyone of the 2.0 crowd installed any cracked apps/games so far? ;)
  • the iphone is the by far the best phone i have had or used. And the 3g version rocks (when i can find a 3g hotspot!!)

    I cant believe any1 can even start to criticize it !!
  • it's the best phone i ever had. but it lacks:

    - copy/paste functionality
    - sending contacts within a text message
    - sending mms messages
    - many many bluetooth features
    - the ability to play non-youtube-videos
    - support for adobe flash
    - syncing notes

    beside that i'm loving it! :)
  • btw. if you are in need of a password vault on the iphone, check the app store for 1password. it's free for a limited time (whatever that means)
  • cheers michael ;)
  • Calling all 3G iphone pwners:

    how long on average does your battery last?
  • don't have one, squapple, but i've recently read that using any of the mobileme features really sucks the juice out of 'em.
  • Yo!

    what are people using to rip fillums to the iphone or ipod touch?

    I have iSquint but dunno if its the best app for the job
  • cheers nicko ;)

    I'm using iSquint with manual settings based on the info on the tech spec page at apple, just doing a test now
  • I use visualhub. Presets FTW!
  • I was thinking of getting visualhub, the nags are encouraging me in iSquint
  • It's worth it.
  • Cheers, biff ;)
  • Handbreak is the best for ripping, since you can automatically mark chapters (very cool on the iPhone) but if you are just converting avi various other formats visual hub is the shit. It even does flvs.
  • Got myself an iphone g3 also. This is now my main means of surfing the web.
  • welcome to the family, jussi :happy:
  • Not got iphone but got the great, if not better, Nokia 6220 (3G, GPS, Videocall, 5MP Carl Zeiss Lens Camera, Xenon Flash, 8GB MicroSD etc) with free iPod Touch 16GB. Carrying two devices suits my needs far better.
  • yo!

    does anyone know if there is an app which allows aim chat rooms (bb!) on the iphone?
  • cheers, nicko ;)

    I'm not sure any of these include the chat room feature though. I downloaded aim today but that doesnt include them either :awkward:
  • Ah crap, I just re-read your post, sorreh :awkward:
  • its ok mate, its a very useful link anyway :)