the great big client christmas card thread :/



  • i think the one i knocked out yesterday will do.
  • Show it!
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    text will change a bit, but...
  • image

    ffs, this is coming again soon. i can hear the chains jangling as it claws itself closer to me.
  • Remember when EVERY studio/agency made Flash holiday cards? Then, that one year, most of them stopped - I guess shortly after dotcombomb 1.0 (2000)?
  • So far, so good...
  • it's early yet, nicko, you know it...
  • i have one, but we're just using some headshot illustrations i had pifman do for this year :)
  • I don't have a card, but I do have a card story.

    This year, the print/design company i work for had a web promotion, built and activated by an outside marketing firm, for 50 free holiday cards, with accompanying email blast.

    No one in the company, besides the owner who sanctioned it, knew about it. In addition to the unintended secrecy (oops), the outside firm activated the wrong button on the site, accepting the orders but not generating the notifications; for ten days, the orders/requests for the 5 design options stipulated in the emails never made it to the sales/csr team to pass on to prepress, design, or production.

    When word got to production and sales, the prepress team was told: a) reference order XXXXXX and alter it accordingly; none of the specs matched, and b) to design on the fly, because our design team couldn't come up with five options for at least 36-48 hours (deadlines? what deadlines?), effectively washing their hands of the situation.

    In the course of the prepress team laying out the options, it was recognized that the paid subscription to a stock image database set up and utilized by the design team was not the advanced version, for resale, but the personal use/not for profit variety. They had been using the account for three years. The original design dept. management, now comfortably elsewhere, never looked at the account type. His immediate successor, now also far away, didn't either - or didn't mention it, which is widely suspected to be the case.

    The (most recent) design team manager is presently not responding to emails from prepress, ignored our scheduled design/production communication bridge-building meeting last week, and see above for his reply to the card situation.

    Prepress has been sending proofs - with carefully prominent copyright symbols - for the past four business days. Two clients have approved an option. The rest are still pending.
  • hehe tis the season ;)
  • i have one, but we're just using some headshot illustrations i had pifman do for this year :)
    oh man, i really loved those headshots he made. ;)
  • this thread just popped up in a search results list (unrelated, though). can't believe that i had a proper chill run down my spine when i saw the thread title :D

  • :D

    When I saw there was a new post I did think 'wtf it's only July'!
  • too soon
  • ^C...can't wait...too long...want now???

  • no, just a bloody christmas countdown clock :P only just got over the previous one :D :D
  • I just designed 11 christmas cards. 11.
  • oh, let's see them! can i then steal one of them for us to use? :D
  • Ha ha, I don't think they will be "appropriate" for your cuntomers
  • that's ok, none of the previous ones were, either.
  • OK... this is what I did.




  • Beautiful!
  • A friend of mine runs a shop and she was saying that she just can't get this type of thing... it always stops short of being *that* coarse. So I said "fuck it! Let's make some". Just sent some additional christmas cards to print yesterday along with some Valentine's cards. Will let you see when I have them :D
  • WANT WANT WANT!!! :)
  • He’s making a database He’s sorting it twice SELECT * from contacts WHERE behaviour = ‘nice’ SQL Clause is coming to town
  • used someone's flickr photo this year, forgot to add attribution in the email, oh well :( / :)
  • morning!

    oh, yeah... fuck.
  • LOL! i don't miss doing this crap. :D
  • I think I’m just embedding/linking to Chris Rea on YouTube this year.
  • did chuckle ✔️

  • 😁🤣 Hahaha…

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