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the great big client christmas card thread :/
  • So, the worst has happened. A client has asked for a Christmas card... please, no more Christmas cards :nausea:

    Don't get me wrong but I love Christmas, I'm not all "Bah, humbug". However, 15 years of delivering creative ideas that amaze and stun my clients has taken its toll.

    What I need is fresh inspiration, yes indeedy - link me up please before I tear out what's left of my hair :happy:

    PS: Happy Christmas!
  • i found this yesterday, thought it was pretty rad, dude!
  • Thanks Chris
  • yeah.

    i had to do a christmas ecard last year. no doubt there'll be a request for another one coming in soon. i hate christmas, and i hate html emails. :D
  • when i was doing my course, we had a christmas card design comp. my concept was the twelve days of chrimbo, but with "graphic design / illustration" things instead of the usual partridge in a pear tree guff. some other little cunt stole my idea, produced a pretty poor version of it and won. that will teach me for not turning up to classes and handing work in on time. :D
  • ditto on not being a big fan..... my favorite is closer...thanksgiving; a nice pagan feast made smarmy and fake here but still, one's only responsibility is show up, or cook, and eat. falling asleep on the couch with your mouth hanging open is ok ... if you keep it full you don't really have to talk to anybody.... and it is nice to get together with friends, after all....

    i'll be sending blank(on the outside) cards this year. the recipients can make up whatever they want. thankfully i kept last year's file for the company, will just have to change some text....
  • when i worked at a design agency, we were going to send out cans of reindeer meat with recipes. we were in process of trying to actually track down cans of reindeer meat but we ran out of time. :(

    sorry. i've got nothing creative to bring to this thread. how many clients/people are you sending these cards out too?
  • oi mister, gisa look at what you gots so far then, eh? :)
  • I'm too embarrassed to show.

    The brief was like "be really really creative / cute whatever" I proposed half a dozen ideas which they just didn't get. They sent me a really arsey email and finished with "wot about our lolgo on a bauble?". So I have prostituted myself and given 'em their lolgo on a bauble :happy: yay for clunts*

    *that's my new word for clients who are cunts btw
  • clunts! ROFL!
  • gah!

    i did a little christmas tree shaped tag with our logo on last year (only in an html email), like a tag on a present, you know. i chuckled when i looked at it again and wondered why i'd stuck the logo on a magic tree.

    (it stayed).

    i'm actually pre-empting the christmas request, and trying to get some driving / snow ideas together. oh, driver training is quite a large part of the market that the co. write software for, so it makes sense.
  • Next time I'm refusing to do Christmas cards for my clunts.

    I've now completed so many generations of visuals that the estimate has been exceeded. Next hurdle to jump over...
  • Logo in yellow snow?
  • Ha ha brilliant
  • My Xmas card this year will be a snowmobile sitting in a snowstorm on a snowy roadscape with snow. Perhaps i may even include some snowflakes too.

    And nicko, clunts has been added to my vocab. :D
  • meska, needs more snow :happy:

    Glad to be of assistance with the new word. There's a patent pending on that word BTW...
  • dudes, BUMP. let's see what you've done (if anything), or tell us what you intend doing (if anything) :)
  • anyone? bueller?
  • I'm not showing nuffin
  • damn you, show it!
  • It's too embarrassing
  • oh, go on. it's got to be better than what i've done so far.
  • show me yours first
  • I bet you're making a christmas tree out of pantone swatches
  • fuck, that'd be a good idea if we were a design company.
  • also, i haven't done anything yet, which is why i'm asking you. :)
  • The idea my clunt bought was awful. Not showing
  • not realy a xmass-card.

    last three years in a row i have sent out cd-calenders.
    12 month-sheets put in a transparent jewelcase + a stand made of cardboard.

    had to do an additional instruction on how to use it, cause some clunts didnt get it :D

    all in all it was cheap and easy to do and a good way to sneak your adress on clients
    desks for a full year.

    guess i have to hurry up, if i want to do a new one this year. :surprised:
  • Nice. I'd seen them before, but a great idea still.
  • anyone going to give me some ideas to use here? :D
  • Are you sending gifts to the Fazyluckers Chris? :happy:
  • not at all, but i have a christmas ecard to make and send. before christmas. and i'm a little low on the ideas front for this...
  • let's see what you got then party boy...
  • that came out wrong
  • Heres mine for this year and 2005.
    Didn't have any time once tasked to get a new one approved by 5 different people with drastically different tastes... then the Commander sees it after being approved by those 5 and says thats not what he wanted at all...
    months of work for a damn Xmas card....

    img src="ChristmasCard" alt="xmas card" />
  • can't even find last years after my back up hard drive crashed. *tear*
  • for your information, no card got created today. we'll see what tomorrow brings :)
  • For next year:

    chris tree cards!

    image image

    just in time for christmas (next year) for me :D

    by kenn munk, but posted on the toysrevil blog
  • actually, probably not for work - they prefer to send ecards here and donate the money saved to a charidy.
  • what? where? and who? !!!
  • Ahhh, Christmas. I'm refusing to do any Christmas card jobs for clients this year :wink:
  • hey nicko, would you design me a christmas card this year? for £1,000,000? :happy: